Patents - Utility Models - Designs and Industrial Models
Intellectual Property and Author Rights


Domain Registers
Technology transference
Judicial and extrajudicial advisory
  1) Trademarks
General advising in the election of marks, slogans, and advertising signs.
Trademark searches and analysis of prior Registers to determine the feasibility of a new trademark application.
Definition of the International Classes corresponding to the goods/services desired to be protected, according to the International Classification Dispositions.
Preparation and filing of Trademark Applications.
Watching services for pending applications and registered trademarks.
Filing of oppositions to trademark applications filed by any third party.
Negotiations and agreement over oppositions filed by any third party.
Replying to Office Actions.
Permanent watching and activation of trademark prosecutions.
Reporting on lapsing terms and renewals of Registers.
Drafting and registering of contracts for sells, acquisitions, licenses, changes of names or assignments.
  2) Patents - Utility Models - Designs and Industrial Models
Technical advisory to determine the proper protection for any subject matter.
Determining the novelty level and the state of the art related to the product or process to be protected.
Preparation of Technical Specifications, Planes, Drawings and all necessary documents as required for prosecution.
Patent translations.
Replying to Office Actions.
Advising and preparing license agreements.
Control and reminders on annuities.
  3) Intellectual Property and Author Rights
Advising on the forms of protection for the several types of works and about infringements to author rights.
Preparing and filing of registers for literary, musical, choreography, pictorial, sculptural, photographic, architectural, cinematographic, audiovisual, multimedia, software, scientific, advertising, etc. works.
Drafting of license agreements.
Reporting on the lapsing of the registers and filing of renewals of same.
  4) Domain Registers
Searches of Domain Names.
Domain names filing and prosecution.
Legal defense of domain names.
Control on the registering of domain names.
Actuating to revoke domain names
  5) Technology transference
Integral advising in relation to technology license agreement, including negotiating and later drafting of the agreement.
Registering with the National Institute of Industrial Technology.
  6) Judicial and extrajudicial advisory
Our Legal Department is involved in the following matter:
Agreements on license, domain transfer, confidentiality, franchising, etc.
Juridical assistance in mediation hearings and later judicial prosecution.
Control and prosecution of litigations in the Intellectual and Industrial Property area.
Advising on infringements to Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, as well as infringements related to Unfair Competition and Commercial Loyalty.


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